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the boarders center Dahab

Dahab On The Red Sea

There are not many places in the world where nothing changes over hundreds of years. Dahab in South Sinai is just one of them. Same mountains, same sea, same wind, same sun. Even the Bedouins with their camels seem to have been the same last dozen of centuries. Same feeling of being in the special place, close to the source of life. You have known this feeling in the childhood when everything was simple and safe. When you’re sure that nothing and no one could hurt you. You recognize this feeling at once in Dahab.

Dahab seems to have been waiting for you. You will ask yourself why you hesitated to come here. To come back here. Maybe just a human desire to see the world changes? Dahab can satisfy it!

fanatic windsurfing school Dahab Egyptkitesurfing school Dahab Egypt

Fanatic The Boarders Center Dahab is reach with different kind of equipment, Fanatic boards and Northsails sails, SUP and kites are as usual sophisticated and surfing with them is pure fun.