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Fanatic The Boarders Center Dahab was started as a branch of the famous world network Club Mistral in 1997. In 1998 the Club became the favorite destination of European windsurfers and at this time Said Farouk began his work at the club; one year later his youngest brother Ahmed joined the team. Still the Dahab crew is known under the Dream team name between the guests. Growing with the Club and being the part of the fame Club Mistral, re-branded in 2015 into ION CLUB network, brothers Farouk are now the faces, brain and heart of the new Fanatic the Boarders Center in Dahab.

We look forward to sharing some incredible times with you both on and off the water helping make some wonderful memories of your time here with us in Dahab!


Like all other Fanatic Boarder centers, it’s equipped with the latest Fanatic and Duotone Sails toys.

The center offers WindSurfing  , KiteSurfing , WingFoil , SUP


The FBC Dahab Center is located in the lagoon of Dahab Bay. The center is one of the most comfortable and most beautiful in FBC world network. Made completely out of wood, it offers lots of space to relax whilst having a great view over the spot. The center is famous for its first class service and the super friendly and enthusiastic team members.

  • OPENING TIMES – All year, daily 9.00 am - 5.00 pm.

  • LANGUAGES SPOKEN – English, Arabic, Russian, French & Ukrainian.

  • QUANTITY KIT – Approx. 80 windsurfing boards - 120 rigs  (sizes: 0,6 m² - 9,5 m²) +  7 SUP boards


  • WETSUIT/HARNESS – Yes. Neoprene wetsuits 3 or 4mm are recommended from the end of November until March. A shorty is good from March until end of May and from mid-October on again. From June until October, boardshorts and lycras are more than enough !

  • SPECIALS – Video clinics, two BIG chill-out areas, free Wifi, open air gym, hot shower. The place  has it all and does it in style!

  • TUITION – Complete tuition program

  • SAFETY – Rescue boat, (and Rest&Rescue Island on the Speedy).

  • PAYMENT POSSIBILITIES – Euro & USD, local currency, credit cards: Visa & Mastercard

  • ACTIVITIES – Sailing in the waves, video clinic, Bedouin dinner in the mountains& dinner in the town , welcome cocktail

  • TIPS – Surf shoes recommended. Wetsuit, harness, helmet, lifejacket, surf shoes availability is limited, therefore we recommend to bring your own.

  • OTHER SPORTS AT CENTER: Organisation of SUP downwind excursions . Gym ,  help to rent bikes in town with delivery to the center, yoga occasionally

  • OTHER SPORTS AROUND: Freediving, climbing, Diving,yoga ,Snorkeling, Mountain Biking.

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We look forward to welcoming you at our spot, see you soon!
FBC Team

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