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Our kite equipment rental program is perfect for kite surfers of all skill levels. Here's what you can expect:

  • Wide range of kite sizes: We offer kites of various sizes, catering to different wind conditions and personal preferences.

  • Quality boards: Choose from our selection of reliable and well-crafted kite boards suitable for all types of riders.

  • Duotone rigs: Experience the thrill of kiteboarding with our high-quality Duotone rigs, available in sizes ranging from small to large.

  • Special program for children: We have a special program designed specifically for young kite enthusiasts, featuring lightweight rigs and small boards tailored to their needs.

Explore the world of kiteboarding with our top-notch rental equipment. Whether you're a seasoned kiter or a beginner looking to improve, our gear will meet your needs and ensure an exciting and enjoyable time on the water.

Two Hours
45 Euro
35 Euro
Half Day
60 Euro
10 Euro
One Day
80 Euro
10 Euro
Two Days
130 Euro
15 Euro
Three Days
170 Euro
15 Euro
Four Days
210 Euro
30 Euro
340 Euro
35 Euro

Discover the perfect kitesurfing courses for adults and teenagers, tailored to your skill level. Our multilingual instructors ensure clear instructions and a confident learning experience.

For newcomers and teenagers, we provide special equipment and a safe learning environment with gentle winds near the shore.

Exciting kitesurfing journey with us. Let our experienced instructors guide you step-by-step towards becoming a skilled kitesurfer.

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